Hanging Out at Eatopia, Resorts World Genting, Malaysia – Arriving at Theme Park Hotel after getting through winding road along the way to Resorts World Genting from KLIA2 Airport, we were warmly welcomed with massive snacks and drinks.

It took 2 hours to reach the hotel and we were more than happy to finally begin our journey in this resort.

The official photo of Eatopia

The clock showed at 04:00 pm, snacking and drinking hot tea tarik were really good choices in the middle of the cold afternoon in Genting. Eatopia was the outlet that spoiled us with its deliciousness. Our tummy thanked us for the good bites.

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Eatopia is located in the main lobby of Theme Park Hotel. So before continuing our next activity called room inspection, we needed to replenish our energy here while looking forward to our dinner in Bubbles & Bites. Check my experience having dinner at Bubbles & Bites!


Eatopia offers any kinds of food from snacks to a heavy meal including an assortment of bakery items, heat-and-go wraps and kinds of pasta, Malaysian staples like nasi lemak, sushi, and hot and cold beverages.

It also provides healthy breakfasts that comprise of oats in a mug with a variety of accompaniments including peanut butter and banana, orchard bircher muesli and carrot as well as raisin.

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Its concept namely grab-and-go is so suitable as Theme Park Hotel doesn’t provide any breakfast for visitors so they will grab their breakfast in Eatopia and go to their room to enjoy their meal.


Eatopia also provides some chairs and small rounded tables that only enough for few people. From this chair, you can transparently see English Garden located right behind the hotel and also some moving gondolas in the sky.

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Since the area is fairly small so our movement is limited. It also has some partitions with different colors of each adding a cheerfulness to this hotel atmosphere.

If you are bored in your room, you can enjoy your meal or snacks here while enjoying greenery from the English Garden.


On the 3rd and 4th days of our stay, we had a chance to taste the delights of this outlet for our breakfast providing us nasi lemak, a piece of bread, and a can of tea tarik.

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Since I ate nasi lemak two days in a row and also was fed with it on board in my rounded trip, I felt nauseated and enough of it. Maybe I will not eat nasi lemak for quite some time hehe.


Talking about the price, no worries! All the offerings are value for your money and are not going to make you poor. Besides, almost all snacks are good. One tiny weakness that this outlet has is its service.

Eatopia only has one worker on every shift so it makes the service really slow especially every morning on weekends where most visitors spend their time staying in this hotel and grab their food.

Resorts-World-Genting-Eatopia-Cafe-6 Resorts-World-Genting-Eatopia-Cafe-7

For you that are staying or will stay in Theme Park Hotel for your next vacay in Resorts World Genting can try this bite. Especially, for those who are foodies like me and always hungry at night. You just need to get down to the lobby and grab your snacks.

Understandably, you are going to eat a lot here as the cold weather supports to it. So don’t be surprised to get a bit heavier when getting back to your hometown hehe.

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I recommend you to try its curry pastel (a fried snack) because it is so good. Others are mediocre. For a drink, I suggest you have hot tea tarik, not the one in the can but the one from the tea maker.

Though its hot tea tarik is not as good as original tea tarik from Sumatera Indonesia, it is pretty good I would say hehe. So, when will you visit Resorts World Genting?


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