Eating at The Food Factory, Resorts World Genting, Malaysia – On our 2nd day of the trip, we had tight schedules and started our day with having a heavy breakfast. We were scheduled to visit some destinations and attractions that would drain our energy.


We headed to First World Plaza where the restaurant called The Food Factory takes place. We just needed to walk down the street for 8 minutes from Theme Park Hotel to reach the restaurant. Most visitors having their breakfast here are those who stay at First World Hotel.

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The interior design of this restaurant is predominantly covered with white and brown colors. The color combination brings cleanliness and warmth to the restaurant’s atmosphere.

From the outside, you can see visitors queuing to enter the restaurant by showing their breakfast coupon while we just got through the door without showing anything since our names had been on their guest list.

Resorts-World-Genting-Food-Factory-2 Resorts-World-Genting-Food-Factory-3

After entering the restaurant we found out that some food-themed paintings hanged on different sides of the wall. It just added a cheerfulness of this restaurant.

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I joint into a western food line without seeing my surroundings and ended up seeing my other friends had their Asian food on some plates and wondered where they got all these.

I was like hey I want it too hehe. But I had grabbed two pieces of pancake, one piece of sausage, and some french fries.


Apparently, I was less attention and didn’t realize there were other lines for different kinds of food. Thank God, I was not the only one doing so and invited my other friends to grab the Asian food together. So grateful we didn’t need to queue as the line was quite empty.

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All kinds of food are tucked in buffet-style from many different countries such as West Asia, East Asia, Western, and some pastry, and are processed in large quantities in order to cater from small to large group of diners.

The Food Factory also provides kinds of drink such as various of coffee, tea tarik, kinds of tea, orange juice, and mineral water.

Resorts-World-Genting-Food-Factory-5 Resorts-World-Genting-Food-Factory-6

The Food Factory has a fairly big size that accommodates up to 1,300 diners at one time and is normally open for breakfast. It operates from 06:00 am to 11:00 am daily at the only RM29 net (adult) and RM14.50 net (child). For that affordable price, it really values your money.

The reason behind giving name The Food Factory is because of its unique concept. The restaurant is created to cater a thousand of visitors at one time. So the food must be freshly-served but quickly.

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No wonder, every morning this restaurant more looks like a market because of its crowded visitors rather than a restaurant in a good way hehe.

Though the food served in large quantities, chefs guarantee all food is served fresh. The management invested plenty of money in a few “giant” cooking utensils to deliver excellent service. All of them are from United States, Hongkong, and Taiwan.


I would say all food was fairly good but I have a bad habit where I cannot eat that much every time I am at a buffet restaurant. I don’t even know why. Probably, the reasonable reason is that I feel full instantly every time to look at much food served hehe. It’s just a state of my mind.

With an open and brand new dining concept, we have large space for movements to take some pictures. This restaurant is clean as there are always janitors available to grab your used dishes and wipe the tables.

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After finishing our meal, laziness stroke and made us unwillingly continue the next activity. It’s a problem of having heavy breakfast hehe.

Fortunately, our next activity was to visit SeniKome Peng Heng located right across the restaurant. So no long walks were needed hehe.  

My stories are to be continued. So, stay tuned to my articles during exploring Resorts World Genting!

Advantages and Disadvantages of The Food Factory


Advantages of The Food Factory:
1. Serve kinds of food
2. Large and open restaurant
3. Affordable price
4. Suitable restaurant for family

Disadvantages of The Food Factory:
1. Lighting is quite dim


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