Vision City Video Games Park, Resorts World Genting – On the 3rd day of our vacation in Resorts World Genting, our next activity after grabbing a quick breakfast at Eatopia and stopping by at English Garden for some refreshment, was to visit Vision City Video Games Park located in Genting Grand.

It took approximately 7 – 10 minutes from Theme Park Hotel to Genting Grand. Most places are at doorstep, so you just need to walk to reach a place you want.

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At first, we mostly got lost here every time we wanted to spend our free time out of agenda because Resorts World Genting is huge. As time went by, we got used to it and found it fun eventually.

Traveling - Vision City Video Games Park 2

Each of us was given one playing card with RM 100 balance in it, so we could use that card to play as many games as we wanted as long as it was still in the area of Vision City Video Games Park. Interesting, right?

Since today was the last day of traveling agenda before going back to Jakarta tomorrow morning, we just filled our day with light activities such playing games and culinary tour.

Traveling - Vision City Video Games Park 1

Everyone found their own favorite games while remembering their happy childhood moments. My brother and I separated ourselves from others and played some similar games that we used to play when we were kids.

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Spending RM 100 balance was not easy. It was big amount of money for spending it on games as every game is only priced RM 6 per play. Again, it was fun because we could pick whichever games we’d like to play without thinking about the price hehe.

Our focus was to get as many points as we could to be exchanged to some souvenirs until we found out that our other friends came over while holding some stuffed animals. We were confused, how could they get them all. Each person held literally 3 stuffed animals and we got none?

Traveling - Vision City Video Games Park 3

They told us to play certain games that they played, and I was glad we did because my brother and I brought three stuffed animals to home eventually.

The games instantly became our favorite games including other friends. We all immediately dominated the games and made the area so noisy with our laughter and jokes.

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Finally, all of us in the same group gathered in one place just to play those games. Each of us tried our luck to get the stuffed animals. Some were lucky and some were not. But it was so much fun as the stuffed animals didn’t matter at all, togetherness did.

Traveling - Vision City Video Games Park 4

Some friends that got more than 2 stuffed animals gave one of theirs to those who didn’t, it was really sweet. Besides, if it wasn’t shared with others, how could they pack their suitcases or backpacks where mostly our male friends brought only a backpack to Genting.

I quickly realized that we became the center of other visitors’ attention, probably because of our loud laughter or the total of stuffed animals that we got.

Traveling - Vision City Video Games Park 5

However, our group literally took out almost quarter of total stuffed animals available. It might be a reasonable reason why other visitors looked at us that way, perhaps they wanted it too hehe.

After the excitement, it’s time to have lunch. In this opportunity, we would have our lunch at Cafés Richard, SkyAvenue. As we were hungry enough after laughing and joking, having a heavy lunch was a good idea.

But before heading to the cafe, I took my time to exchange my game points to some souvenirs. I got two coasters which was not bad hehe.

At least, I appreciated my effort and energy by rewarding myself two coasters than keeping the game points in my bag forever.


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