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    kiki pinem - ladypinem.comHi guys, I am Kiki and welcome to my investment blog!

    The purpose of my investment blog is simply to help you understand what investment is all about and all things related to it starting from a very basic aspect such as financial literacy.

    I have been through a lot and have made many wrong-doings with my money. So, I learn from my mistakes and am willing to share some knowledge and experience with those who are eager to learn about the investment and other things in between.

    I never stop learning and keep up with investment news and strategies. I also get inspired by young people who are very successful and financially independent at a very young age.

    To make this blog more attractive, I am open to any discussions on the comment column and really keen to know millennials that share the same passion and interest with me. Probably, we can build a team or an empire, can’t we? 😉

    Like Warren Buffett said “Without passion, you don’t have energy. Without energy, you have nothing.”

    I hope you guys find my investment blog informative and helpful!

    Enjoy! xK

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