Most romantic destinations in Eastern Europe – For many travelers, Eastern Europe remains one of the biggest mysteries.

Despite this area is no longer hidden behind the veil of socialism, there are a lot of ridiculous misconceptions about it, so people tend to go in opposite direction… and they shouldn’t.

Eastern Europe is a fabulous place for travelers of different lifestyle and interests.

Furthermore, each year millions of couples come here to spend a romantic weekend or even a honeymoon (according to the survey of men and women on

You can’t miss it either. Choose one of these great destinations next time when you plan a romantic trip.

5 Most romantic destinations in Eastern Europe

1 Saint Petersburg, Russia

As a rule, the capital is the most beautiful city in a country. But in the case of Russia, many tourists and even Russians claim nothing compares to the beauty and charm of St. Petersburg.

This is a center of art and culture; most of the visitors praise the northern capital for its remarkable look and a vast variety of entertainment.

The best museums, restaurants, and sophisticated theatrical performances of boundless Russia are available for everyone. The beginning of summer is the best time for a visit when the white nights’ period begins.

2 Prague, Czech Republic

Another spectacular European city with amazing architecture and rich history. The ancient narrow streets of Prague are so pleasant to be lost in.

Each of them has their own fascinating legend. Some of them are romantic, but in most cases, you will hear mysterious and even terrifying stories.

Yeah, Prague is considered the most mysterious city in Eastern Europe. Discover which of them are true and which are just a fiction.

Investigate incredible gothic cathedrals and dive into the atmosphere of a fairytale. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the view on tile roofs from above.

3 Krakow, Poland

People of Poland must be incredibly proud of this city for numerous reasons. The most important one is the acknowledgment of its cultural influence.

The oldest universities, the greatest Catholic cathedrals, the most remarkable architectural masterpieces are located here. Each centimeter of the streets of Krakow is full of history and beauty.

Regardless its heartbreaking past in the times of WWII, now everything here bursts with energy. If you plan a small tour around Slavic countries, you have to visit Krakow right after Prague.

4 Durmitor National Park, Montenegro

Now, let’s move far away from cities no matter how beautiful they are and rest in quiet mountains of Montenegro. Spoiler: there won’t be any city on this list again, but it’s even better!

So, Durmitor is the highest mountain in the country and the area around considered also one of the most beautiful places here. Here, in the national park, you and your beloved partner will gain new energy after a vacation.

Picturesque lakes and peculiarly shaped mountains will leave you breathless. Apart from natural beauty, enjoy fascinating Balkan culture and pay attention to the local cuisine.

5 Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Finally, here is, probably, the most fantastic destination on the list. It is hidden in the depth of a tiny but incredibly beautiful country. It’s a famous fact that Croatia is a famous sea resort.

But if you’re tired of beaches and seek for something unique, head to Plitvice Lakes. Emerald lakes are surrounded by alpine forest, and the range of small waterfalls flaws between them.

Swimming is forbidden as the water is too cold, but I promise, you won’t forget the scenic view for the rest of your life. Just stroll around and enjoy the unrepeatable atmosphere.

Those are the most romantic destinations in Eastern Europe. Which you’d like to visit first? Have you visited one of the most romantic destinations in Eastern Europe above? Please share your thoughts 😀

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