17 Amazing Destinations to Visit on Nusa Penida, Bali – Visiting Bali will make you more excited as ever because there’s Nusa Penida. This virgin island offers so many amazing spots to explore and you shouldn’t miss it. At least there are 17 amazing destinations that make you want to pack your bag and go.

Here are 17 Amazing Destinations to Visit on Nusa Penida, Bali

1Broken Beach (Pasih Uug)

Broken Beach, Nusa Penida

Broken Beach aka Pasih Uug is one of the a-must destinations to visit on Nusa Penida. This beach has a hole in the middle of its bridge with turquoise seascape.

To really enjoy this beach view, you should come in the morning or noon as locals say you’ll see stingrays or dolphins swimming if you’re lucky enough.

Angel’s Billabong, Nusa Penida

Located not that far from Broken Beach, Angel’s Billabong has its respective natural beauty. This natural infinity pool exposes the beauty of Nusa Penida sea and its coral reefs. You can also swim or just soak up the sun. Check my experience exploring Angel’s Billabong!

3Kelingking Secret Point

Kelingking Secret Point, Nusa Penida

Kelingking Secret Point or Kelingking Beach is one of the most beautiful spots on Nusa Penida, no doubt. Kelingking in Bahasa Indonesia means a little finger, but this beach doesn’t look like a little finger at all. It more looks like Tyrannosaurus Rex. Locals don’t even know why it’s named Kelingking.

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Kelingking Beach is actually located far below with its soft sands and blue sea waters making such a perfect view. Years ago, there were no stairs established to access the beach but currently, it has hundreds of stairs to accommodate visitors’ desire to reach the beach. For those who want to get down the stairs, you’d better think twice or thousand times.

Kelingking Secret Point is the place where I took my picture. I was satisfied just to have my picture on the secret point since getting down the stairs consumes lots of energy.

4Pohon Cinta

Pohon Cinta, Nusa Penida

There’s a dead tree called Pohon Cinta around Kelingking Secret Point. By climbing the tree, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Nusa Penida sea as well as Banah Beach.

5Paluang Cliff

Paluang Cliff, Nusa Penida

It only takes 7 minutes from Kelingking Secret Point to reach this cliff by a motorbike. Actually, Paluang Cliff is a hidden spot where we can view a back part of Kelingking Beach. 

6Banah Beach

Banah Beach, Nusa Penida – Picture Courtesy of Google

Banah Beach isn’t a beach actually. It’s a cliff located in the middle of the sea but locals love to call it Banah Beach.

The cliff has a hole in its center affected by hard sea waves. Though this cliff is formed by limestones, it’s overgrown by lush trees making the color eventually contrast to the blue sea.

7Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida

Crystal Bay aka Nusa Penida Beach is one of the most popular destinations on Nusa Penida. This beach is more commercial than other beaches and has many outlets and visitors coming. The location is not too far from the port and easily accessible. Many people visit this beach to enjoy the sunset and snorkel in its beautiful turquoise waters.

8Tembeling Water Springs

Tembeling Water Springs, Nusa Penida, Bali – Picture Courtesy of Google

Not only does Nusa Penida have many beaches but also has some water springs, one of them is Tembeling Water Springs. Located in the middle of the forest, you need to walk from a parking place for 60 minutes.

The springs were founded accidentally by a pregnant woman who was searching for her cow and ended up in the springs. That’s why the springs called Tembeling as Beling in Balinese means pregnant.

The biggest spring is only for men and the smaller one is for women. The springs were functioned as a source of drinking water by the locals as well as a place for religious rituals.

9Seganing Waterfall

Seganing Waterfall, Nusa Penida, Bali – Picture Courtesy of Google

The waterfall offers a beautiful scenery as well as crystal clear waters for visitors. You can also catch fishes here. But, it takes lots of hard works as it has a narrow street at the edge of a cliff. Many people feel discouraged to pass this way after knowing the facts.

10Peguyangan Waterfall

Peguyangan Waterfall, Nusa Penida, Bali – Picture Courtesy of Google

If you have plenty of time exploring Nusa Penida, take your time to visit Peguyangan Waterfall. Peguyangan is not only a waterfall but it also has a spring where you can swim or soak in there. The waters fall directly into the sea giving a spectacular view of nature.

To be able to reach the waterfall, you should be in a very good condition as it really consumes lots of energy trekking this place.

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Women who have menstruation are not allowed to get into the spring, wash face, or wash hands as this spring is holy and a source of drinking water for the locals.

11Teletubbies Hills

Teletubbies Hills, Nusa Penida, Bali

The hills really resemble Teletubbies Hills in the movie that’s why it’s called as it is. To be in the hills, you just need to walk a little and taa daa.. Teletubbies hills are right in front of you.

Be ready for having messy hair as the winds are fairly strong here.

12Pulau Seribu

Pulau Seribu, Nusa Penida

Pulau Seribu in Bahasa Indonesia means a thousand island and is also called a smaller version of Raja Ampat. This island really offers a breathtaking view of mother nature and a wonderful experience. You must be physically fit as you need to trek much.

13Raja Lima

Raja Lima, Nusa Penida

Raja Lima also offers the same view as Pulau Seribu with a different spot or angle. You need to trek more to be in this spot and take pictures with a Balinese statue beside you.

14Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach, Nusa Penida

Atuh Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches by far Nusa Penida has. It offers you a crystal clear turquoise waters and soft sands. You can swim and snorkel here but make sure you have no fears of height as you need to get down hundred of stairs to reach the beach. It takes lots of energy and strong mentality.

After getting down the stairs, you can enjoy fresh coconut waters and the beautiful view while unwinding on a lounge chair. You can also relax in the hammock located near the stairs.

15Batu Molenteng Tree House

Batu Molenteng Tree House, Nusa Penida, Bali

This tree house is located on a hill close to Raja Lima spot. The view offered is the same with Pulau Seribu and Raja Lima. You can stay or just take some pictures by paying IDR 5,000 per person.

16Suwehan Beach

Suwehan Beach, Nusa Penida, Bali – Picture Courtesy of Google

Suwehan Beach has a unique stone that looks like Volcom brand. Many visitors call it Volcom Beach but locals name the stone as Batu Jineng in Balinese.

This beach is labeled as the most difficult beach to access on Nusa Penida. It has crystal clear blue waters and white soft sands. You are gonna feel at home and find peace and serenity on this beach.

17Manta Point

Manta Point, Nusa Penida, Bali – Picture Courtesy of Google

For those who love diving or snorkeling will find this island as a piece of heaven on Earth as you can swim together with friendly manta stingrays throughout the year.

You just need to remain quiet and calm then manta stingrays will approach and surround you. The best time to dive is in the dry season and you’ll easily find mola-mola fishes swimming in this season.


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