Fashion Forest: Tech-supported Forest in Genting Highlands – What comes to your mind when you hear about Fashion Forest?

For me personally, the first thing pops up in my mind that this forest is designed with everything related to fashion stuff and full of different shades of color. In fact, my definition of Fashion Forest is far different from what Resorts World Genting has.

When visiting Resorts World Genting along with my friends, We got a chance to stop by  Fashion Forest to blend with the mother nature and enjoy another side of Genting Highlands.

How to reach Fashion Forest?

Nature - Fashion Forest in Genting Highlands 2

Fashion Forest located in Genting Higlands is 130-million-years-old jungle and easily accessible by a car or a bus. It takes approximately 15 minutes by a car from Resorts World Genting.

How much we spend to be able to enter Fashion Forest?

Nature - Fashion Forest in Genting Highlands 3

Honestly, you spend quite a lot of money for only entering the forest, I would say. An adult and a kid are charged at RM 75 and at RM 50 respectively. Sounds too expensive, right?

What makes Fashion Forest special?

Nature - Fashion Forest in Genting Highlands 4

Resort World Genting works together with Treks Nature Enterprise, a consultancy that designs nature activities for everyone, because Resorts World Genting believes the best of nature is at the doorstep.

Treks Nature Enterprise’s main objective is to bring nature to nature lovers in a fashionable way – thus the name Fashion Forest.

Presumably, Fashion Forest is the world’s first WiFi rainforest where all visitors can still stay connected with greater experience. The forest really has strong WiFi connection though your devices should be tethered to the guide’s cell phone prior to it.

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You can even do live streaming, live story, share photos and videos via your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Whatsapp. Then guess what? No buffering at all!

Besides that, visitors can gather information on biodiversity via QR code scanner for scientific details and conduct live documentary on site via live streaming with Periscope TV. You will find QR code scanners along the way of the jungle.

What attractions are offered?

Nature - Fashion Forest in Genting Highlands 5

Genting Highlands offers a 130-million-years-old jungle with very rich biodiversity for nature lovers to savour. The focus of Fashion Forest are the forest in Genting Highlands where visitors are spoiled by uniqueness of flora, fauna, insects, and waterfalls.

For those who love to do outdoor activities such as jogging, leisurely strolling, and meditation: you can definitely perform them all in Fashion Forest.

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Other than that, Fashion Forest also has three distinctive programs to help you explore the jungle with different difficulty levels as follows:

Easy Trek: This program is recommended for visitors accompanied by children or senior citizens. This course will take about 30 minutes to complete.

Nature Trek: This route is crafted for the average nature lover. It has moderate pacing and difficulty. You should go further in and explore more of the jungle with this course which will take about an hour to complete.

Eco Trek: This course takes you deep into the jungle where you will have the highest probability of encountering local wildlife and exotic plants. It is moderate to strenuous pacing and difficulty and is not recommended for senior guests and those with small children. This course will take two to three hours to complete.

Nature - Fashion Forest in Genting Highlands 1

My friends and I gave a try to the Easy Trek Program since we had a limited time and it was afternoon back then. We explored an easy route and were introduced to some old trees with unique names.

I have nothing against this forest. In my opinion, this forest is just common like other forests. One difference between the others is the technology only.

However, I am grateful to have experienced another side of Genting Highlands besides its sophistication in a short period of time.

What to bring:

I highly recommend you to bring this following gear along.

  1. Long-sleeved shirt and long pants
  2. Hat/cap and gloves (optional)
  3. Raincoat/hoodie (optional)
  4. Trekking shoes and socks
  5. Sunblock lotions


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