My 4D3N Itinerary Traveling to Resorts World Genting, Malaysia – Resorts World Genting can arguably be said to be one of Malaysia’s most iconic and popular parts in the international scale.

From its complete facilities, advanced technology, beautiful nature, as well as cold air, all these things make Malaysian people proud.

Since the weather is cold and foggy, I highly recommend you to wear warm outfits during your stay.

Ready to explore this hill resort? Here’s my itinerary for 4 days 3 nights at Resorts World Genting, Malaysia


Itinerary Overview

Day 1

Head to Kuala Lumpur from Jakarta by Air Asia Premium Flex. From Kuala Lumpur to Resorts World Genting by a bus.

Stay at Theme Park Hotel (formerly known as Hotel on The Park). We stayed for 4 days 3 nights here and found out why this hotel was so cute and very instagrammable. Check my experience staying at Theme Park Hotel!

Hang Out at Eatopia located in the lobby of Theme Park Hotel. We had our welcome drinks and snacks before continuing our upcoming activities. Check my experience hanging out at Eatopia!


Have Dinner at Bubbles & Bites located in Maxims Hotel. We had our first dinner at this restaurant with the taste of western cuisine. Check my experience having dinner at Bubbles and Bites!

Visit The Visitors’ Galleria located in Genting Grand Hotel. After having our dinner, we went to The Visitors’ Galleria to listen to the history of Resorts World Genting and to gain a better and deeper understanding of how this resort was established by the founding father, Tan Sri Dato “Sri Lim Goh Tong”. Check my experience visiting The Visitors’ Galleria!

Day 2


Have Breakfast at The Food Factory located in First World Plaza. We enjoyed our heavy breakfast with buffet-style arrayed well from East Asia, West Asia, and Europe breakfast delights.

Visitors staying in First World Hotel have an access to enjoy their breakfast here. Check my experience having breakfast at The Food Factory!

Tour at SeniKome Peng Heng, East Coast Arts & Cultural Centre located in First World Plaza.

SeniKome means “Our Art” in the Pahang local dialect and this attraction promotes the story of East Coast Malaysia history, local craft, games, and music from Peninsular Malaysia’s East Coast states, Pahang, Terengganu, and Kelantan. Check my experience touring at SeniKome Peng Heng!


Stop by East Coast Art & Souvenir located in First Plaza Hotel officially owned by SeniKome Peng Heng. This place sells local food, snacks, and drinks as well as souvenirs. Check my experience stopping by East Coat Art & Souvenir!

Tour at First World Hotel. This hotel was awarded as World’s Largest Hotel by Guinness World Records as of 20 June 2015. You can view spectacular Genting Highlands scenery from this hotel. Check my experience touring at First World Hotel!

Tour at SkyAvenue to enjoy LED and SkySymphony. This theater of light and sound is the newest and flagship attraction in Resorts World Genting. Check my experience watching SkySymphony!


Have Lunch at Motorino located in SkyAvenue Mall. This restaurant offers authentic pizza delights straight out of Naples, Italy. Check my experience having lunch at Motorino!

Enjoy The greenery of Genting Highlands from the sky by riding a glass-floor gondola on the new Awana SkyWay. Check my experience riding Awana SkyWay!

Tour at Chin Swee Caves Temple located in Genting Highlands. My friends and I had an opportunity to explore the temple by the new Awana Skyway.

We stopped at the Chin Swee Caves Temple Station and took the elevator to reach the temple. Check my experience touring at Chin Swee Caves Temple!


Explore Rainforest – Fashion Forest located in Genting Highlands. It took about 8 minutes to reach the Fashion Forest from Chin Swee Caves Temple by a bus.

We enjoyed the natural and lush forest and got to access the internet in the middle of the forest. Check my experience exploring Fashion Forest!

Have Dinner at Resort Seafood Steamboat located in Resort Hotel. We had our dinner after exploring the Fashion Forest where a variety of live seafood waits to enjoy this restaurant. 

Hot soup and delicious dishes were so suitable in the middle of the cold night of Resorts World Genting. Check my experience having dinner at Resort Seafood Steamboat!

Day 3


Have Breakfast at Eatopia. On day-3, we had a loose schedule to make us able to have our breakfast at Eatopia. Our breakfast menu was nasi lemak, a piece of donut, and a can of tea tarik. Check my experience hanging out at Eatopia!

Visit Talking Garden aka English Garden. This garden is located right behind our hotel. You can stare at Chin Swee Caves Temple from this garden. Check my experience stopping by English Garden!

Play at Vision City Video Games Park located in Genting Grand Hotel. While we waited for our lunch time, we played at this games park to fill our spare time. Each of us was given a card valued MYR 100 to play as many games as possible. Check my experience playing at Vision City Video Games Park!


Have Lunch at Cafés Richard located in SkyAvenue. Cafés Richard offers authentic Parisian food and its original coffees.

As one of the flagship new openings, Cafés Richard has an elegant art design and a classy Parisian-style atmosphere making this combination eye-catching. Check my experience having lunch at Cafés Richard, SkyAvenue!


Have Dinner at Coffee Terrace located at Genting Grand Hotel. Our last day before heading back to Jakarta, we enjoyed our dinner with buffet-style serving Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese, and Western food. Check my experience dining at Coffee Terrace!

Day 4


Have Breakfast at Eatopia. On our last day, we enjoyed nasi lemak, a piece of bread, and a can of tea tarik as our breakfast.

Before heading back home, we took some pictures along with our fellow overseas influencers from Thailand and United States in front of the hotel to mark the final day of the trip.

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All expenses during our stay were fully covered by Resorts World Genting including Air Asia Premium Flex round trip tickets.

As one of selected Indonesia influencers, I was so grateful and thankful to be able to experience this wonderful journey and also make new friends. This surely added another wonderful memory of my life.


Influencers that joined this trip were from multiple countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and United States. There were 15 Indonesian, 5 Thai, and 2 American.

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All facilities given were premium. From our round trip tickets (Air Asia Premium Flex tickets with hot seats, free food and drinks on board, 20 Kg luggage, and premium check-in counter with red carpet on the floor avoiding us to queue) and also other facilities during our stay.

I’ve got so many stories to tell so keep on reading for more information!


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