Unwinding at English Garden, Resorts World Genting – A new day and a new morning, it felt so bad after spending two-day vacation in Resorts World Genting but I haven’t visited English Garden yet though it is located just few steps behind our hotel.

Even it is a fairly small garden, English Garden a.k.a Talking Garden is quite eye catching, clean, beautiful, and organized nicely. You can clearly see the garden right from Eatopia.

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After finishing my quick breakfast at Eatopia, I decided to visit this garden before going back tomorrow morning to Jakarta, Indonesia.

I asked some of my friends to join me, then we walked through a ladder crossing while breathing morning fresh air of Genting Highlands and enjoying view of Awana SkyWay Gondolas passing by above us.

Nature - English Garden in Resorts World Genting 2

English Garden is equipped with some chairs, some gazebos, some fountains, and some mini labyrinth. It felt so great to be able to witness green scenery of rainforests from this place. Everything is just magnificent, so grateful for what I saw.

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Though all things are just minimalist and simple here, English Garden has given a different impression of Resorts World Genting regardless of its sophistication. It’s just so natural and fresh.

You can do simple things here starting from having breakfast, doing yoga, jogging, meditating, drinking a cup of coffee/tea, or just relaxing or chatting with some friends.

Nature - English Garden in Resorts World Genting 3 Nature - English Garden in Resorts World Genting 4

As a person that cannot stand cold, I picked a wrong outfit where I wore a dress that day without a hoodie. It felt so cold and I was freezing. Seriously, Genting Highlands is cold!

That’s why I couldn’t really enjoy my time there. Fortunately, I had stuffed my tummy before I stopped by the garden. If not, I would catch a cold instantly.

Since I managed to stay longer, I didn’t waste my time without taking some pictures of me. That’s a mandatory! It’s even more fun because only few people were there, so I got clear pictures and it’s not noisy.

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For spectacular views, just stand nearby the haws where you can see Chin Swee Caves Temple with naked eyes. You can even enjoy Kuala Lumpur’s city lights at night from this garden.

Mostly forests here are still protected forests, so chances are many wild animals still live happily in the middle of the forests. If you are lucky enough, you can also hear Orang Utans’ voice right from Genting Rainforest.

Probably, that’s a reasonable reason behind naming this garden as Talking Garden hehe.

Nature - English Garden in Resorts World Genting 5 Nature - English Garden in Resorts World Genting 6

For more fun experience, this garden is provided with QR code that enables visitors to access all information including videos related to this garden.

QR codes are scattered in every possible spot of the garden area, even from the ladder crossing. To access the information, you just need to set your phone based on instructions on the QR code boards and then tap your phone to the code.Nature - English Garden in Resorts World Genting 7

After strolling around the garden briefly, it’s time to get back to the hotel to kick off our first agenda of the day which was to visit Vision City Video Games Park and continued to have a fancy lunch at Cafés Richard in SkyAvenue.

If you are in Resorts World Genting or planning to visit it, you can stop by the garden for unwinding or just recharging your energy. It’s free for public and it won’t hurt you either. This is important, don’t forget to always feel grateful and thankful each day, folks!

Happy traveling!


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