Enjoying Parisian Ambiance at Cafés Richard, SkyAvenue – Lunchtime is my favorite meal time as I can eat as much food as I can without being afraid of getting extra weights after that and I think every girl would do the same.

I love to eat good food during lunchtime with a big portion of it, no exceptions during my vacation in Resorts World Genting.

After draining much of energy in Vision City Video Games Park, my friends and I stopped by at Cafés Richard on Level 1 of SkyAvenue for a nice luncheon. Cafés Richard is placed right next to Motorino, the restaurant that we had lunch a day before.

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Cafés Richard is one of SkyAvenue’s flagship new openings. Their outlet at the resort is their first international foray into the retail world of cafés, providing a classy Parisian-style atmosphere where customers can experience the genuine French art of living and enjoy authentic espresso, original coffees, and teas, as well as French food.

Cafés Richard gives customers a very real taste of the Parisian café ambiance in an accessible location.

Cafe & Resto - Cafes Richard SkyAvenue 1

Every time I passed by this café, I felt the eagerness to just stop by as Cafés Richard showcases a very classy and elegant design that attracts my attention big time.

Plus, the café is divided into four zones that can accommodate more than 120 customers. There are intimate booths for tête-à-tête conversations, alfresco for cool mountain air, wicker chairs facing out to the walkway for people-watching, and banquette seating for groups of friends.

The most coveted seats will undoubtedly be the ones nestled within a stylized fiberglass and steel Frangipani ‘flower’ which can seat up to 34. We chose this zone for our fine luncheon and I just loved it!

Cafe & Resto - Cafes Richard SkyAvenue 2

Cafe & Resto - Cafes Richard SkyAvenue 3

You might not know that Cafés Richard is the No. 1 coffee roaster in France. Other than coffee, Cafés Richard also serves an extensive range of teas – black, white, green, roiboos
and herbal – from India, China, Sri Lanka, South Africa and even the Alps.

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With more than 2.4 million cups of Cafés Richard coffee served daily worldwide and in the cafés, bistros, and restaurants, Cafés Richard keeps the authenticity and quality of the coffee over the top.

Cafe & Resto - Cafes Richard SkyAvenue 4

For its design, Cafés Richard has meticulously recreated the quintessential Parisian café at SkyAvenue from the classic black-and-white mosaic floor tiles to the cloth awnings and raffia wicker chairs.

Everything represents a real Parisian style.

Cafe & Resto - Cafes Richard SkyAvenue 5
Coffee Cocktail, French Genting

Happily, I had an opportunity to drink one of the popular teas and the taste was quite good, though. For those who prefer a twist to their caffeine intake, there are coffee cocktails and tea cocktails to tease their taste buds.

A few were specially concocted for Resorts World Genting, such as the French Genting, a combination of French orange liqueur, espresso, and local Bentong ginger. Luckily, I also witnessed how the French Genting was supposed to be served.

What kinds of food did we try?

Cafe & Resto - Cafes Richard SkyAvenue 6

We ate a full meal like European style in general, starting from appetizers, main courses, and finally desserts to wrap up the delights.

1Appetizer – Velouté des Bois

As a starter, we were spoiled with Velouté des Bois – a creamy Parisian mushroom soup topped with truffle oil.

The taste and the texture? Everything was good, seriously!

2Main Course – Saumon Rôti

Actually, we were given two selections for the main dish. It was Saumon Rôti or Poulet Chasseur. Poulet Chasseur is charbroiled chicken with mushroom sauce served with green salad and Pommes Frites.

Since the top of the list for its main dish is Saumon Rôti – fresh Norwegian Salmon slow baked in oven drizzled with lemon butter sauce and served with new potatoes and carrots. So, I chose this dish over Poulet Chasseur. The taste was so good I would say. I loved it!

Everyone knows that Norwegian Salmon is one of the best salmon in the world, that’s why I didn’t want to miss a chance to eat this dish. You shouldn’t as well!

3Dessert – Crème Brulée

For the sweetness, our tummy was spoiled with Crème Brulée – a caramelized egg custard. It was so delicious and tender making us want it more.

A portion Crème Brulée won’t be enough, trust me!

For a drink, we enjoyed French Tea. I didn’t remember the name, but the tea was fit to the menu. Everything was just balanced.

Talking about price, it costs you RM 100 for this set menu per person. It’s quite pricey I know but it’s worth your money, though!

Cafe & Resto - Cafes Richard SkyAvenue 10

Besides an all-day dining menu, Cafés Richard serves Parisian High Tea between 2:30 pm and 5:30 pm which is ideal for coffee or tea lovers needing some bites to go with.

Don’t miss it if you just want to hang out with some friends while enjoying bites of sweetness here.

We chose to stay a little bit longer just to enjoy the ambiance. Having a good luncheon, chatting with good companions, and unwinding in the best cafés really made my day.

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I would say, Cafés Richard was one of my highlights during my stay. All was good here, from appetizer to the main dish to dessert and finally to tea.

Too bad, I didn’t try the coffee. But I promise I will when visiting Cafés Richard in the near future. It will be on my top list when I have a chance to come back to Resorts World Genting.

Well, have you been to Resorts World Genting? Which place is your favorite for luncheon?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cafés Richard

Cafe & Resto - Cafes Richard SkyAvenue 11

Advantages of Cafés Richard:
1. Good food
2. Free WiFi
3. A world-class and classic design
4. Friendly and nice service

Disadvantages of Cafés Richard:
1. Nothing


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