Dining at Coffee Terrace, Resorts World Genting – Our last day before getting back to Jakarta tomorrow morning, was filled with playing games and doing a culinary tour.

We recalled some childhood memories by playing some games at Vision City Video Games Park and continued to luncheon at Cafés Richard in SkyAvenue. For this last dinner, we decided to have it at Coffee Terrace, Resorts World Genting.

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Coffee Terrace is located on the Lobby Level of Genting Grand, becomes the resort’s most spacious dining area – featuring 4 sections such as Private Room, Lanai Bar, Nyonya Baba Corner, and Alfresco Terrace, and can accommodate up to 600 diners at any given time.

Cafe & Resto - Coffee Terrace in Resorts World Genting 2 Cafe & Resto - Coffee Terrace in Resorts World Genting 3

It offers a concept of buffet style like The Food Factory in more fancy ways. Since it becomes one of the busiest dining areas, you need to reserve this at least a day prior to your meal plan.

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Realizing the fact that Coffee Terrace is always crowded, we came earlier to get a chance to pick the most comfortable sitting area as possible.

Cafe & Resto - Coffee Terrace in Resorts World Genting 4 Cafe & Resto - Coffee Terrace in Resorts World Genting 5

Not too long after we had arrived, many groups of people from different walks of life crowded this restaurant. It was really crazy and noisy!

I noticed some were from different automotive companies bringing their companies’ logos. Evidently, there was just Moto GP event that took place in Sepang, which is not too far from Genting.

No wonder, Coffee Terrace suddenly turned out to be more like traditional markets with its noisiness and since it’s a buffet restaurant style, some of us should get food alternately.

What kinds of food did we try?

Cafe & Resto - Coffee Terrace in Resorts World Genting 6

Food displayed comes from different cuisines both local and international – Western, Western Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Nyonya, and Flavors of Malaysia along with kinds of desserts and assorted fruits.

I preferably ate Asian cuisines over Western this time as I had stuffed my tummy with French Food for today’s lunch, but I couldn’t resist the steak ones.

Eventually, my choices fell on Chicken Rice (Hainanese Chicken Rice with a bowl of hot soup) from Flavors of Malaysia Stand and Lamb Steak with Fries from Western Stand.

Cafe & Resto - Coffee Terrace in Resorts World Genting 7 Cafe & Resto - Coffee Terrace in Resorts World Genting 8

Everything was all you can eat. As always, I cannot eat that much if I’ve seen lots of food in front of me. I suddenly got stuffed, that’s one of my weaknesses though I am a foodie.

Since every friend brought their own favorite dish, our tables became full and were more like food exhibition counters. Fortunately, I could taste other’s dish selection without getting my own.

Cafe & Resto - Coffee Terrace in Resorts World Genting 9

Talking about the price, every adult is charged at RM 84 for Buffet Dinner. It’s quite pricey, I know. That’s why you should make sure that you are hungry enough to really enjoy every food as much as possible and taste some dish that you never eat before.

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As time went by, we were so stuffed and difficult to carry ourselves back to the hotel. But we still managed to do as there were some tasks we couldn’t avoid, none other than showering and packing!

Finally, the holiday was over. I was so happy to have spent my 4D3N-holiday in Resorts World Genting.

I’ll cherish this moment forever and cannot wait to visit again when the soon-to-be-open-20th Century Fox is ready.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Coffee Terrace

Cafe & Resto - Coffee Terrace in Resorts World Genting 10

Advantages of Coffee Terrace:
1. Many dish selections
2. Free WiFi
3. Clean and organized
4. All you can eat buffet

Disadvantages of Coffee Terrace:
1. Too crowded, need to queue in some stands and limited movements
2. Lamb Steak texture was less tender


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