Bites: East Coast Malaysia’s Delights in East Coast Art & Souvenir, Genting – The goal of this outlet is to show its customers East Coast Malaysia’s authentic taste as well traditional souvenirs.

East Coast Art & Souvenir is owned by SeniKome Peng Heng and located only a few steps of SeniKome Peng Heng.

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After arriving at this outlet, my friends and I were welcomed by some authentic food and drinks served on a wooden table. They were Nasi Kerabu, Keropok Lekor, Mee Siam, Pastel, and for drinks were Orange Crush, Amerika Soda, Sarsi, and Brewed Coffee.

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Honestly, we were already stuffed as we just had our heavy breakfast at The Food Factory. We were only curious about drinks in a storefront and wanted to have a sip.

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My brother, a friend, and I tried one of the drinks in the storefront and found out that the taste really is the same as Limun (Medan’s local drinks) with a different packaging and names.

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Looking at some Thailand friends were tasting the food, we came trying one by one. We started with Nasi Kerabu that is one of the classic traditional dishes of Malaysia that is famous for its blue rice.

Originated from Kelantan, Nasi Kerabu literally means “Salad Rice”, a Malay salad served with “ulam” (herbs and vegetable salad), coconut floss, fish floss, salted duck egg, topped with a spoonful of rich sambal tumis (turmeric or coconut sambal).

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The best way to eat Nasi Kerabu is by mixing all sambal with the blue rice. Then you can enjoy together with the side dishes. I would say the sambal was too sour making the overall taste mediocre.

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Then we tried Mee Siam that looks more like Fried Vermicelli in Indonesia. Mee Siam is served with a boiled egg, pickled vegetables, and sambal.

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Another food we tried was Keropok Lekor that looks like Otak-Otak in Indonesia. Keropok Lekor is a popular traditional snack, especially on the East Coast Malaysian Peninsula. The “fish sausages” consists of fish (Ikan Parang or Ikan Kembong)  and sago flour.

Keropok Lekor is best to be eaten while still warm with sweet chili or sambal belacan dip.


Feeling so much full, then we looked at the souvenirs though we didn’t buy a single thing hehe. This outlet sells souvenirs such as Batik, Songket, and traditional Malaysian games like Congkak and Top Spinning (Gasing).


Our next destination is to tour First World Hotel aka World’s Largest Hotel. So, stay tuned for my articles!


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