Why Experience Awana SkyWay Glass-floor Gondola When in Genting Highlands – If asked have you ever experienced riding gondola (cable car) when you were young, most people will answer yes, they have.

For Jakarta citizens especially, riding a gondola can be done when in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) and it gives you such thrills and an excitement.


What about riding glass-floor gondola? Is the experience same with riding the standard one? At least that curiosity covered my feeling and my mind when I was going to ride the glass-floor gondola after touring at First World Hotel (World’s Largest Hotel). Check my experience touring at this hotel.

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To be able to ride a glass-floor gondola was my first experience. Excitement and curiosity were mixed, but there were still some questions popping up in my mind. Is this gondola safe? Can the glass floor withstand heavy loads of visitors?


When I, my brothers, and some friends were stepping in the gondola, all doubts and questions vanished instantly. It felt so good and exciting to enjoy the beauty of Genting Highlands from every corner and to get a bird’s eye view of the surroundings.

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We witnessed the crisp mountain air, a breathtaking view of 130-million-year old rainforests, the site of the highly anticipated Twentieth Century Fox World Theme Park, and Chin Swee Caves Temple.

How to get the gondolas?


These gondolas are named Awana SkyWay. It is Resorts World Genting’s new state of the art cable car system. When we experienced the glass-floor gondola, we got it through SkyAvenue Station in the newly-opened SkyAvenue Shopping Mall.

Other than through SkyAvenue Station, you can easily access Awana SkyWay through Awana Transportation Hub and Chin Swee Caves Station. 

How much does the ticket price?


There are two types of Awana SkyWay, they are the standard gondolas and the glass-floor gondolas. Tickets for the standard gondolas are priced at RM8 for individuals and for the glass-floor gondolas are priced at RM50 for individuals.

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It’s such a big difference price, isn’t it? But it’s worth paying since you get both thrills and convenience riding up the mountain with a spectacular experience!

How many passengers does each gondola carry?


The 99 standard gondolas and 10 glass-floor gondolas can carry 10 and six passengers respectively.

All gondolas are painted red. To distinguish the standard and the glass-floor ones you just need to take a look the text color printed on the gondola. Standard gondolas have red text color and glass-floor gondolas have white text color.

What facilities are offered?


Every Awana SkyWay gondola is fitted with two USB ports allowing visitors to charge their mobile phones during their ride. Besides, you can take pictures and selfies of the stunning scenery.

The new cabins are also fitted with special windows and louvers that allow more of the cool mountain air into the gondolas for the ultimate high flying experience and for an unobstructed view of surroundings. What an experience!

Visitors to Resorts World Genting can take cabin-sized luggage on board the gondola as well if they head from Awana Station to SkyAvenue Station or vice versa.


For those who have a fear of heights, just try not to look down or choose the standard one but the thrills will be not as spectacular as the glass-floor gondola.

Time does really fly fast riding the glass-floor gondola and I would say riding once isn’t enough! But, remembering our next stop is to visit Chin Swee Caves Temple, the thrills should stop here. This attraction is easily my favorite attraction of all, no doubts!


After riding through the final stop we disembarked at Chin Swee Caves Station for exploring its scenic surroundings at no extra cost.

If you are planning to visit Resorts World Genting, put Awana SkyWay as one of your must-do attractions. I’m sure you won’t regret it!


Quick Facts:

  1. The 99 Awana SkyWay gondolas can carry 3,000 passengers one way every hour from Awana Station to the final stop, SkyAvenue Station. It takes only 10 minutes from SkyAvenue Station to Awana SkyWay Station.
  2. Awana SkyWay has a top speed of six meters per second and operates seven days per week, from 07:00 am to 01:00 am.
  3. The ratio between the standard and glass-floor gondolas is 10:1 meaning that after 10 standard gondolas pass by it will be followed by one glass-floor gondola.


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