Visiting The Visitors’ Galleria in Resorts World Genting, Malaysia – After having our dinner at Bubbles and Bites, we then continued our next agenda to visit The Visitors’ Galleria.

The Visitors’ Galleria is located not too far from Bubbles and Bites. Outside of the Galleria, we could feel the warmth of the room as the Galleria is dominated by brown color and has transparent glass windows that expose wooden walls and floors.


The Galleria is where the resort pays tribute to its founding father, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Lim Goh Tong for his tireless dedication and his personal involvement in creating this resort to become what it is right now.

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Visitors are enabled to gain a better and deeper understanding of the milestones of Resorts World Genting and how one man managed to build a resort empire. The story is available in three languages – Malay, English, and Chinese.


In the main lobby, you will be greeted by History Wall telling the founder’s inspiring success story and the milestones – from his humble beginnings to the painstaking process of building an empire from scratch.

A picture of the founder has been displayed on History Wall as well as his prominent quotes of how to achieve great success.

When entering The Galleria, we were warmly welcomed by a guide who then explained the milestones briefly in English. Admittedly, his spirit and dedication are inspiring in so many ways.


After hearing the brief explanation, we were herded into a middle room that displays all things called Sentimental Collections.

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Sentimental Collections displays many trophies, plaques, and souvenirs received by the resort over the years since its inception more than 50 years ago.

These accolades given by various organizations from all over the world reflect the resort’s countless achievements and contributions.


In the middle room, we could clearly see Resorts World Genting’s scale model providing bird’s eye view of the resort in a showcase. This showcase displays how this resort takes place in the hills surrounded by lush rainforests.

Without hesitation, this resort really is a masterpiece where a man could transform a hill into a world-class resort.


No less interesting is the Insect Wall. This Insect Walls is next to Audio Visual Room and showcases the various flora and fauna found in the 130 million years old rainforest. Visitors can scan the QR Codes on the wall to find out even more about the rainforest-clad mountains.

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All collections are organized and taken care very well.

This Galleria is also equipped with an advanced technology to support activities in it and is a very good example of how we should respect and value hard works of a child of the nation that has dedicated his life to build and develop his country in terms of tourism.


We then captured some photos and continued to listen to a presentation from the resort team in the Audio Visual Room. We got some insights of facilities that this resort has and what is its upcoming project.

The giant project that Resorts World Genting recently has is Genting Integrated Tourism Plan (GITP) including SkyAvenue, Awana SkyWay, and other additional hotels that have been completely constructed.


GITP project that is still under construction is Twentieth Century Fox World Theme Park. This Theme Park is projected to officially operate next year and expected to have attracted 30 million visitors to the resort by 2020. The estimated value of this investment is RM10 billion.

Actually, Resorts World Genting attracts 20 million visitors annually. So, can you imagine how much money runs in this business that makes this resort one of the leading resort operators in the world?


On the first day, I’ve got enlightening excursions and how to give meaning to life. This experience was like a wake-up call to stay creative and be open-minded towards our surroundings.

Moreover, we should be aware of rapid advancements in our neighboring countries. Let their positive accomplishments push and motivate us to be better in our own ways.

My traveling story is to be continued, so stay tuned to my other articles!


Quick Facts:

  1. Resorts World Genting has 13,000 employees
  2. Hotel rooms boast of 10,000 rooms in total
  3. Major tourists are from Malaysia, Singapore, China, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Middle East
  4. Some of 20th Century Fox World Theme Park are Iceage, Rio, Night at The Museum, Planet of The Apes, and Alien vs Predator. This Theme Park is said to be the first 20th Century Fox World Theme Park in the world


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